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Lorem Ipsum is dummy text normally used as a placeholder for final text. The paragraphs of text follow the same definition of proper written text with one difference, it doesn't make any sense. This means that your content gives the appearance of properly formatted text on your page.

If you have ever tried to get feedback on the layout of a site and perhaps used some brochure text supplied by the client, you can waste a lot of time discussing content as opposed to appearance and layout. Now because the content looks properly structured but makes no sense to anyone, no time is wasted discussing content, typos or bad grammar - that ceases to be a problem.

It is normally the clients job to provide content - but they tend to be very slow at providing it. By using well structured nonsense text you can do what you are paid to do and not waste your time and lose money writing the site content.

Here is an example of a Lorem Ipsum paragraph

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As you can see it has the appearance of a well structured paragraph.

Use the form below to generate random paragraphs of Lorem Ipsum text. There are 10 different paragraphs of Ipsum text that get generated randomly.

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This tool is provided free of charge. Use of the generated code requires no obligation on your part to link to this site either by choice or by forcing a visible link to appear in the generated code.

No link to this site will appear on any pages that use code generated from this site. However, the generated code does produce a comment specifying the url of the code generator ( it is hidden and will never appear to your visitor ). You are free to remove the line but we would appreciate it if you left it in place. Thanks :)