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DinAra Design: Why You Need A Website !

Why does your Company need a Website

Many small and medium sized businesses, ask the question 'Why do I need a Website?' , and moreover 'Why should I pay for a Website when I cannot see any tangible benefits?'.

The answers to both questions can be summed up with the following three benefits...

  • Improved Corporate Image
  • Improved Customer Confidence
  • Increased Sales

Improved Corporate Image

To a small company ‘Corporate Image’ can be seen as something for the big boys who have money and time to spend on developing and refining a corporate image. However, no matter what the size of your Company a professionally designed website can both bolster and in many cases help define or improve a Company’s corporate image. Tell prospective clients who you are and just as importantly where you are.

At DinAra Design we pride ourselves on designing each and every site, around the Client’s requirements, we spend time, investigating a Client’s business, and its customers need and perceptions. This enables us both to create a website for the Client, which is visually stunning, and which promotes and improves the Client’s Corporate Image.

Improved Customer Confidence

Today, when a consumer is searching for a new product or service, they tend to use both traditional (newspapers, adverts, yellow pages, telephone, etc) and newer (web, email, etc) methods in the search. Although the majority of prospective customers of small businesses will still use the traditional methods, for finding a suitable company, many will then progress to (if available) looking at the Company’s website to investigate whether their needs will be fulfilled, whether the price is right, and perhaps more importantly, whether they like the look of the company. By combining both traditional and newer methods, your Company can exploit these tendencies, and given a well designed website, provide the prospective customer with the right signals to turn them into a paying customer, and with the right website into a regular customer of your Company.

It is our aim at DinAra Design to design and develop websites that are as individual as your Company, which will provide for your Company, this improved level of Customer Confidence and Loyalty.

Increased Sales

As a direct result of the above two points, your Company will be able to increase the conversion ratio, of prospective customers, into paying and repeat customers. A well designed website, is not only a pretty face for your Company, it is an essential part of the success and future of your Company in the 21st Century.

A website designed by DinAra Design, will provide your Company with an Improved Corporate Image, Improved Customer Confidence, and in turn Increased Sales.

What to do next

Firstly have a browse around our website, this will give you a better idea of what DinAra Design is and what work we have done. Then talk to us, either complete the Website Application Form or contact us by email.

Once you contact us, by whatever means, we will take time to determine your Company’s needs, and to ascertain what kind of website, best suits your Company.

How do we design and develop a website

If you ask DinAra Design to design and develop a website for your Company, we will begin by gathering information from you. The more information you can provide the better the resultant website. This will ideally include information such as letterheads, sales brochures, business cards, and any other materials that help define the nature of your business.

Once we have this material, our designers will collate all relevant information, and pull them together to produce a website visual. This will simply be a one page demonstration site that shows the proposed design of your Company’s new website, which will enable you to verify whether or not the proposed design suites you and your Company.

If approved, our developers will then take this design, together with textual information which will be incorporated into the website and build a fully functional site on our own servers. Once complete, this will enable you to see what the website looks like on a web browser, and whether all the content and visuals are to your liking.

Once you are 100% satisfied with the design of your new website, we will collect final payment, we will purchase for you, a domain name (eg: www.YourCompany.co.uk or www.YourCompany.com) which we have assertained is available, then to complete the process the demonstration site will be placed on a live server linked to your new domain name. Your new website is now live!

However, at this stage it is not a simple matter for people to find your Company’s new website. To facilitate this we will submit your new website to a large number of search engines and web directories (such as www.google.com or www.altavista.com), that will help people searching the net find your new site. Please note, there is a time lag between, submitting a new site and the site appearing on the search engine. This lag can be anything between a few weeks and several months.

To increase the chances of your site being viewed by the most people possible, at the earliest possible opportunity, we offer a free of charge option, to include a Links page on your site. This page can both include links to other sites of your choosing, but more importantly will include links to other sites DinAra Design has developed. The benefit to your Company comes in that when we list sites on your Links page, we will also list your site on the Links page of the other sites we have developed.

This will enable you to get visitors directly from other websites we have developed, and more importantly, links pointing to your website will greatly help the chances of your website being listed both quickly and getting high rankings on the majority of search engines.

A Final Word

Finally, it is up to your Company to help itself. It is important that once you have your Company’s website up and running, you spend a little time in promoting the website. For instance, adding your web address to all letterheads, business cards, brochures, advertisements, signs, vehicle livery, and anywhere your Company’s name is likely to be seen.